Anger becomes a real problem when an individual fails to control their feelings and flies into a rage. It is especially problematic when control is lost in the workplace but can also have a severe and nasty impact on domestic relationships. However, even if control is not a problem for an indvidual, feelings of constant anger and fury can be very unpleasant for people to live with internally. 

Case Study: Y came to me for therapy because he was flying into a rage at work. It did not happen too frequently, but when it did, it was a pretty disastrous loss of self-control that he bitterly regretted. His employer had given him notice that failure to control the angry outbursts was unacceptable and unless the they ceased he would have to go. Part of the problem for Y is he was not aware he was going to 'see red' until it was too late, so training him to have the awareness that anger was building became the initial part of the therapy. We worked together for twelve sessions in order to:

  • Develop internal recognition and awareness of mounting anger
  • Learn and practise Mindfulness skills to keep things in balance
  • Become aware of and identify stressors and triggers for the 'see red' response
  • Refine and develop a state of 'constructive anger' 
  • Increase self-soothing techniques
  • Enable conscious over-ride of the fight-flight-freeze response
  • Streamline and optimise emotion regulation skills

Length of therapy for Anger: 6 to 12 appointments of fifty minutes each.

Fee: £75 per 50 minute appointment. Reduced fee slots are £45 but limited and based on demonstrated financial need.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden.