Low self-worth is a problem that can hold people back in life, and stop them from achieving their full potential. There is also reasonable evidence that low self-worth feeds into other problems such as depression, or even substance misuse. In my psychotherapy practice I also notice a link between low self-esteem and certain social problems such as poor attendance at work. 

Case Study: I had a client who was a very talented chef, but who simply could not believe she was. When she was invited to cook on television on a regular basis she sought out therapy because she felt she was far less capable and far less worthy than other chefs and that she would mess up her appearance. Despite acclaim and validation from others, she opined herself to be a complete failure, and not just as a chef, but also as a human being. She felt she was less important than others, and that in some way she was a bad person who did not deserve to be applauded, liked or appreciated. Her low self-worth also meant she lacked assertiveness with others and would often find herself saying "yes" to attending two social or work events at the same time. We worked together for 12 sessions in order to:  

  • Challenge unhelpful thinking about herself 
  • Promote self-nurturing
  • Learn assertiveness skills
  • Practise Mindfulness techniques
  • Develop and grow self-confidence
  • Deepen belief in self-efficacy
  • Develop areas of life that had previously been neglected due to low self-worth

Length of therapy for Low Self-Worth: 6 to 12 appointments of fifty minutes each.

Fee: £75 per 50 minute appointment. Reduced fee slots are £45 but limited and based on demonstrated financial need.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden.