Relationship problems manifest within three main zones: The personal (eg between couples or family members), the social (between friends) and the professional (between colleagues). Due to the location of my practice in the centre of London, a large chunk of people coming to see me for this issue are professionals working in Covent Garden, the City or the South Bank who are experiencing a problem with a relationship in the work environment. However this is not exclusively the case, and it does not matter what type of relationship is causing the problem. The goal is always to sort things out to so as to ensure my client's ultimate wellbeing. Depending on my client's individual situation, I work on the basis that this goal involves one of two possible outcomes:

  1. A new more helpful, fruitful and harmonious way of relating in the current situation
  2. An orderly, planned and considered exit from a relationship situation that is no longer fruitful

Sometimes, therefore, the early part of the therapy involves working towards both these possible outcomes until the right way forward becomes clear. My approach to relationship work is not the same as conventional couples counselling and involves therapy with individuals only. Contingent upon the outcomes above, we will work towards your relationship wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Design and deploy a new communication strategy for the relationship concerned
  • Work through a decision-making protocol to weigh up whether option (1) or (2) is the best for you in this situation
  • Clear out any psychological and emotional obstacles from past relationships or early experiences that might be negatively impacting upon the current situation
  • Learn Mindfulness skills to promote balance in challenging relationship situations
  • Develop a greater sense of control and learn how to deploy new behaviours in order to get more of what you want from the relationship
  • If exiting the relationship, develop and action a values-based plan for the future 
  • Refine and develop relationship capabilities in general

A bad, malfunctioning relationship can interfere with a person's happiness and quality of life in personal and social contexts. In the professional sphere, a poor relationship can also have a serious impact upon prospects for promotion as well as cohesiveness within a team. The good news is that new ways of relating can be explored and installed in therapy. 

Length of therapy for Relationships: 6 appointments of fifty minutes each.

Fee: £75 per fifty minute appointment. Reduced fee slots are £45 but limited and based on demonstrated financial need.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden.