One session of therapy is sometimes all that is desired and needed. There should not be an assumption that problems cannot be resolved quickly, and the Single Session approach in the main suits people who have a very specific goal in mind.

Who is Single Session CBT for?

  • People who are reluctant to commit to long term therapy
  • People who are in London for a short time and who need some help right now
  • People who are already in therapy but who wish to seek a second opinion
  • People in ongoing therapy who want brief help with a problem with which their own therapist cannot or will not help them
  • People seeking advice concerning how to get more out of themselves and their lives
  • People who require prompt and focused crisis management

Case Study: "Y" booked a Single Session CBT appointment with me because he had been seeing his current therapist for over seven sessions and he did not feel things were progressing in a helpful way. Two weeks prior to our meeting his therapist had made an intervention that had startled and alarmed him: "My therapist told me I'm a 'co-dependent', and I specifically want to seek a second opinion about that with you today".  Over the course of the next 50 minutes we work together on gaining a new perspective on things and:

  • Formulate the target issue in his own words (rather than his therapist's)
  • Deal briefly with a secondary emotional problem  as it was interfering with work on the target issue
  • Look at his value system in relation to the target issue
  • Deal with perpetuating factors in the target issue including distress intolerance
  • Establish goals for the future around target issue
  • Practise cognitive rehearsal of goals
  • Focus on aligning behaviour with values

Length of Single Session CBT: Fifty minutes

Fee: £75. Reduced fee slots are £45 but limited and based on demonstrated financial need.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden.