The degree of substance consumption will often depend upon whether an indvidual is experiencing psychological problems such as anxiety or depression. Misusers can be dependent on a substance in certain situations only, or they might be full-blown addicts (for whom engagement in the misuse behaviour assumes more importance than any other behaviour).

Case Study: X came to me for help as a recreational misuser of 'dance drugs'. Recently he had been struggling with low mood after weekend use, and it was also impacting upon his relationship as his partner took a dim view of his drug consumption. X said he wanted nothing more than to stop using recreationally. He would resolve every weekend that this would be the weekend when he would cease using. Yet somehow, when in the dance club situation, he 'could not help' himself, and it was as if he were a 'different person'. The sight and sounds of the dancefloor seemed to erode his self-control and he would cave in. Yet again. We worked together for 12 sessions in order to:

  • Decouple the stimuli (eg music and the club environment) from the misuse behaviour
  • Refine and develop skills to be in an 'altered state' for dancing without need for drugs
  • Develop strategies in order to deal with peer pressure to misuse and develop assertiveness skills
  • Deal with some issues from the past which were unconsciously fuelling low mood and the misuse behaviour
  • Learn and practice self-soothing techniques to diminish stress and anxiety resulting from the working week
  • Streamline and optimise emotion regulation skills
  • Design and put in place a Relapse prevention stategy

The most common two types of substance misuser that I encounter in my therapy practices in Waterloo and Covent Garden are:

  1. The Recreational Misuser (mostly weekend and holiday use of substances)
  2. The Dependent Drinker (drinkers using on a daily basis to cope with stress, anxiety or depression)

Both of the above types of misuse can interfere with people's ability to live balanced lives and can be addressed in therapy.

Length of therapy for Substance Misuse: 12 appointments of fifty minutes each.

Fee: £75 per fifty minute appointment. Reduced fee slots are £45 but limited and based on demonstrated financial need.

Location: Southwark (Waterloo) and Covent Garden